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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
In this photo gallery you will see my photos taken at Schiphol Airport. These photos are taken from different spots at the airport, such as the runway and from the spectators terrace. Click on the photo for a larger image.

This is my first photo of a arriving wide body aircraft at Schiphol. On September 8th I went to the Kaagbaan runway to take photos of arriving aircraft that afternoon. This was the only KLM 777 that used this runway when I was there. This aircraft was excellently captured on photo with its lights on as well (seen on the right wing and Auxiliary Power Unit). This is one of the photos I'm really proud of. As this was the first time I took photos from this spot and angle, I was lucky with this photo :-) Aircraft on photo: KLM Boeing 777-206ER, reg. PH-BQC, named "Chichen-Itza"

Martinair Cargo is a well known airline when it comes to transporting perishable cargo to places all over the world. One of their specializations is transporting flowers but can handle almost all types of cargo. Aircraft on photo: Martinair Cargo, Boeing 747-228F/SCD, reg. PH-MCN, named "Prins Bernard Junior". Soon Polar Air Cargo, which is part of the Atlas Air Worldwide Holding Inc., will start their European hub at Schiphol Airport. Cargo airlines operating in and out of Schiphol will now experience even more intense competition.

Another angle of one of Martinair Cargo's Boeing 747-200 Fullfreighter.

This photo was taken from a hill next to the P30 parking lot. Aircraft info: Japan Airlines, Boeing 747-446, reg. JA8088, new colourscheme.

Varig's flagship arrives in the late afternoon from Porto Alegre via Sao Paolo and Paris CDG. Varig only operates two 777s which were delivered new to the airline. The rest of their 777s were taken over from British Airways. Aircraft info: Varig Brasil, Boeing 777-2Q8ER, reg. PP-VRA, 75th Anniversary sticker.

Another photo of KLM's 777 (reg. PH-BQC) arriving at the Kaagbaan.

One of KLM's 22 Boeing 747-400s coming in at the Kaagbaan runway wearing the airline's old livery. This aircraft is the first 747-400 delivered to KLM. KLM operates a total of 17 747-400 Combi's and 5 all passenger 747-400s. Aircraft info: KLM, Boeing 747-406, reg. PH-BFA, named "City of Atlanta".

Another Dutch 747-400 on finals at the Kaagbaan runway. This time it's KLM Asia. Aircraft info: KLM Asia, Boeing 747-406M, reg. PH-BFF "City of Freetown".

Virgin Express is one of the low cost airlines operating to Schiphol. Virgin Express is part of the well known Virgin brand. On the photo: Virgin Express, Boeing 737-36N, reg. OO-VEH (former EI-TVR).

Transavia Airlines operates a fleet of 17 Boeing 737-800s and 9 Boeing 737-700s. On the photo: Transavia Airlines, Boeing 737-8K2, reg. PH-HZB (Transavia's second 737-800).

Transavia Airlines operates a single 737-800 with winglets. As can be seen on this photo the aircraft wears the logo of the dutch national lottery, the Staatsloterij. This aircraft was previously operated by South African Airways and registered ZS-SJO. Aircraft info: Transavia Airlines, Boeing 737-8BG, reg. PH-HZS (ex-ZS-SJO).

Taking close up photos of arriving aircraft isn't easy for me yet. This was one of my 'better' photos. Aircraft on photo: KLM, Boeing 737-306, reg. PH-BDA named "Willem Barentsz".

British Airways currently operates 33 Airbus A319s. Aircraft on photo: British Airways, Airbus A319-100, reg. G-EUPW.

One of 12 Airbus A319s operated by Alitalia seen on finals at the Kaagbaan runway. On the photo: Alitalia, Airbus A319-100, reg. I-BIMH, named ""Isola di Ventotene".

BMI British Midland arrives from the United Kingdom. BMI operates an Airbus fleet of 3 A330-200s, 10 A321s, 11 A320s and 3 A319s. Aircraft info: BMI British Midland, Airbus A320-232, reg. G-MIDT.

KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70 on finals. Aircraft info: KLM Cityhopper, Fokker F70, reg. PH-JCH.

Close Up of a KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70 landing at the Kaagbaan runway.

KLM Cityhopper also operates the Fokker 50, like the one seen on this photo. On the photo: KLM Cityhopper, Fokker F50, reg. PH-LXJ.

Not the best photo out there, but I took this photo because British Airways usually doesn't use their 767s to Amsterdam. British Airways operates a total of 21 Boeing 767-300ERs. Aircraft info: British Airways, Boeing 767-336ER, reg. G-BNWN.

A very pleasant surprise this was, Northwest Airlines' DC-10 wearing the airline's new livery. In 2005 Northwest Airlines will retire its last DC-10. Aircraft on photo: Northwest Airlines, Mc Donnel Douglas DC-10-30, reg. N239NW, new livery.

KLM's Boeing 737-900 wearing the company's new livery. The 737-900 certainly is a looong aircraft. Aircraft on photo: KLM, Boeing 737-9K2, reg. PH-BXT, named "Sea Tern".


Another pushback, this time from gate F02. Aircraft involved is KLM Asia Boeing 747-400. Photo was taken from the spectator's terrace. Aircraft info: KLM Asia, Boeing 747-406M, reg. PH-BFM, named "City of Mexico". Can anyone translate the asian lettering below the windows? I still don't know what it means :-(

KLM is the only European airline that operates the 737-900. Up until now, the 737-900 has not been sold to many airlines. Boeing had plans to offer a longer range (IGW) version of the 737-900 so it could better compete with Airbus' A321.

KLM Boeing 737-800 being catered for its next flight. Aircraft on photo: KLM, Boeing 737-8K2, reg. PH-BXF, named "Zwaluw".

Loading a 737-800.

A Transavia Airlines Boeing 737-700 (reg. PH-XRD) on finals to the Kaagbaan runway.

Another baby Boeing arriving. This time it's Transavia Airlines' Boeing 737-7K2 registered as PH-XRB.

No photo yet....

Stay tuned....